Thank You!

buy a brick

WHS is going to have a wonderful Brick Park thanks to all of you! Brick sales are closed. Interested in a bench? 2 left! Email Caren at for more information.

What Do We Need?

Thanks to your support, powerED UP! is changing Winchester classrooms. We are very close to our goal of raising $850,000 in support of educational technology. But we aren't there yet.

For every 10 devices requested, we are only able to grant 5. You can change that picture.

Donate now

The 2017 Trivia Bee is coming up on February 8th. That might seem far off but it is never too early to BEE-gin planning your winning strategy.

The upcoming holiday break is the perfect time to pull together a team of three. Get your names, register and prepare to have fun!

If you are new to the hive, don't worry. It is a great community event and no one will notice if you get an answer wrong.

Got a Great Idea?

If you are a Winchester teacher with an exciting plan we want to hear from you!

Grants to support educator professional development are being accepted now with a deadline of February 27.

Thinking of a classroom project? Apply for an education grant, due in February but accepted on a rolling basis.