question  How long has WFEE been in Winchester?

answer   A group of local residents established WFEE in 1992 as an independent, nonprofit organization to provide private, financial support for the Winchester public schools

question  How does WFEE serve students, teachers, and the Winchester community?

answer    WFEE supports the community through three main programs: the teacher grants program, The Promise Fund and through large-scale, system-wide technology projects included in our Fund for Innovation. WFEE also runs the Distinguished Scholar Series, bringing to Winchester scholars of national reputation.

question What does WFEE fund through the grants program?

answer  The Foundation seeks to fund teacher-driven educational initiatives that: 

  1. Enrich teaching, learning, professional development, and student growth and development throughout the Winchester Public School system;
  2. Reinforce and enhance the goals and objectives of the Winchester Public School system;
  3. Encourage leadership, creativity, and collaboration; and
  4. Seed new approaches that launch long-term, self-sustaining improvements in our schools.

WFEE offers both educational grants and professional development grants.

question  How are grants awarded?

answer  Grants are awarded each year in the late spring.  Each grant proposal is evaluated by the Foundation’s Grant Review Board, which is made up of Trustees and independent professional educators who live in Winchester, but are not connected with the Winchester Public Schools.

question  What is The Promise Fund?

answer  The Promise Fund was launched in 2005 to fund teacher positions deemed essential by the School Committee. In 2005, donors contributed over $450,000 to fund teacher salaries and benefits.  In 2006 The Promise Fund donated $410,000 for salaries and benefits to Winchester public schools.

question  Is there be a Promise Fund each year?

answer  If asked by the School Committee, the Foundation is prepared to raise money for top priority operational needs as defined by the Superintendent and School Committee.  WFEE makes that decision on a yearly basis and requires a specific and detailed list of the School Department needs, which we will work hard to communicate to the public. 

question  What technology initiatives has WFEE supported?

answer  Over the last three years, WFEE contributed more than $78,000 to WHS for LCD projectors, administrative software and a digital photography lab plus software.  In 2007 WFEE purchased laptop computers for all full time teachers at McCall Middle School.