The Promise Fund


New gardens for Muraco and Lynch Elementary Schools, an expansion of the Vinson-Owen Science Park, updated equipment for the Winchester High School science labs, support for the Rubik's Cube Club at McCall Middle School and a traverse wall at Lynch Elementary - those are just a few of the changes Winchester schools have seen thanks to WFEE grants.

WFEE grants touch students in each of our public schools, pre-school through high school. Take a look at the grants targeted at your school!

Authorfest, a long time recipient of WFEE grant money, reaches all of Winchester's students, with annual visits from well-known authors and illustrators. WFEE is a major funder of Authorfest with its annual gift of $10,000.

"Authorfest truly solidifies the importance of reading, writing, editing and revising all written work. THANK YOU  on behalf of everyone at Ambrose and Winchester too!"

Leigh Petrowsky, Principal Ambrose Elementary School

This will be WFEE's 17th year in partnership with the nationally recognized Teachers as Scholars (TAS) project. TAS is a highly regarded professional development program that allows teachers to attend seminars in the content area of their choice. Teachers tell us this is the most enriching, stimulating and worthwhile professional development program available to them. We know this $23,000 grant is important when we hear from teachers they return to school "enchanted, invigorated and determined to be a more motivated teacher and lifelong learner."

WFEE grants support the curriculum at all levels. But while our grants address serious learning issues, they don't have to be boring! Just ask the science teachers at McCall Middle School who will be illustrating concepts in genetics with student built "aliens." The aliens will be constructed with manipulatives, parts that help students better understand natural selection and heredity.





McCall teachers will study at the New York City Tenement Museum this summer. They will explore questions such as what does it mean to be an immnigrant and how does society integrate immigrants.

WHS students will explore the impact of unhealthy behaviors through theater presentations by The Improbable Players.

Educators at Lynch Elementary will be exploring best practices in literacy instruction at Lesley University. Classroom teachers and literary specialists will collaborate on new ways of teaching.