The Promise Fund

WFEE offers two grant programs for individuals and collaborative groups. Education grants provide funding for innovative programs that directly involve students. Professional development grants provide funding for teachers, staff, and administrators to enroll in innovative courses, attend national conferences, and study in university-sponsored seminars that would not be possible under current school funding.

Through an initiative called powerED UP! WFEE is supporting the integration of technology into all classrooms. WFEE will be partnering with the Winchester public schools to fund the purchase of student devices, management software and professional development. If you have a grant idea that involves the purchase of student devices or classroom equipment such as document cameras, Chromebooks, iPads, use this application to apply directly to the Winchester Public Schools. Save it as a document and email it to Jessica Palino at

Teachers may also apply for funding to bring leading experts in education to Winchester to provide workshops and seminars in best practices. Grant ideas come from Winchester teachers, counselors, administrators and staff, as well as parents.

Grant Goals

  • To encourage and support innovative projects in teaching and learning that are consistent with Winchester 's system wide goals and priorities and beyond the scope of the regular school budget;
  • To encourage leadership and creativity in teachers and administrators;
  • To support grants that impact a significant number of students;
  • To support grants that have a lasting benefit to Winchester 's school system;
  • To encourage cross-school, cross-grade, and cross-curricular collaboration;
  • To encourage collaboration among teachers, administrators, parents, and community groups to benefit the Winchester public schools.