"Creativity is thinking of something new, innovation is the implementation of something new." Paul Sloane

If you are a student with an idea about how to make learning more meaningful than this grant application is for you. WFEE wants to help, here are a few things to remember as you get started:

  • Please partner with a teacher, librarian or another adult at your school who can make this happen
  • Your grant might involve the purchase of technology, it might not - that is up to you
  • This grant can't be used to buy iindividual student devices such as iPads or Chromebooks


  • You are submitting your grant to WFEE, we will make decisions on a rolling basis within 2 weeks of submission. That means there isn't one deadline, this is open for the year
  • Submit your written grant below. Or, construct a video, a skit, or an on camera interview. You still have to answer the questions included in grant submission form. If you want to submit a video please contact us at
  • Don't ask for more $1,000.00.
  • The idea needs to come from a student, you will need at least one educator who is committed to helping you. You or the teacher need to talk with your principal about your idea.
  • Questions? Ccontact Grants Chair Nick D’Angelo at You may also call the WFEE office at 781-756-8020 or email

Submit your idea using this online form.
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